My Works

{ Things I've been built }

Empire Mobile

Empire Mobile is designed for a local logistic business Empire Couriers. The application provides functionalities such as package tracking, booking freight label and collection for company's clients.

In addition, using the build-in camera, the app also allows company employees using their phone as a scanning device which can scan package labels and upload data to company's website. The app could be downloaded from Apple Store.
Language use: Objective-C.

CSLTAS website

Empire Couriers's partner business. Completely website re-design. Using Bootstrap, php and more. The website is live at CSLTAS

Gerry Studio Website

My personal pomote site. Using Bootstrap 4 / Sass.

Time Manager

One of my University assignment. The application allows users create their assignments with detail and review them both in list and calendar view. The user can sort their task list by date, internal-weigh or urgency. The application also includes a quick Time Management Quiz. Language use: Objective-C

Empire Couriers Website

Refinement of the main website for local business Empire Couriers. Just a funcional prototype for now.